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UZNEX offers powerful APIs for you to tailor to your needs with different permissions. There are three categories: account, trading, and market trends. After creating an account on UZNEX, developers can create APIs of different permissions according to their needs and perform automated trading as well as withdrawal.

  • Pair Price Change Vol.
  • Pair Price Change Vol.
  • Pair Price Change Vol.

Forecast Future Price of Cryptocurrency
Available Only in UZNEX


  Easy and Simple

Personalization features, such as setting interest coin, and simple buy/sell UI, simplify coin transaction steps.

  Accurate Analysis

An accurate analysis of the investment situation can be made through balance returns and transaction details.

  Safe Exchange

Blockchain technology applied to system cores for safe exchange implementation by de-centralization method

  Strict Exchange

Comply with specifications with strict KYC(Know Your-Customer) and AML(Anti-Money Laundering) certification systems in the cash-for-summit process to prevent fraudulent use between accounts.


Start convenient and safe coin trading with UZNEX.

✓ Simply deposit with VISA card. Even if you live in any other country,
VISA card makes it easy to do cryptocurrency transaction.
✓ The core of wallet security Private Key. With the technology of Blockchain Company in Korea,
the private key which is the core of wallet security,
is fragmented and stored separately in different locations.
User’s assets are perfectly secured from hacking attacks.

   UZNEX Use Guide

Hello, This is Btrade.

Recently, voice phishing and fraud cases have been reported for cryptocurrency

If a person is involved in a financial transaction, purchase agency or loan
an account under the name of the exchange or investigation agency, he or she
may be liable for civil or criminal charges and be subject to legal punishment.

To ensure that We are aiming for user's safey and secured investments
environment in cryptocurrency,
please fully understand the following precautions before using Btrade Services.

Caution for fraud issues through phishing sites, theft of names, inducement of purchasing agents, etc

You should never let others know your personal information, such as your ID or password, and any losses resulting from this result will be attributed to you.

Btrade never asks or forces your personal information.

- In case of an employee impersonates to asks for the authentication number, transaction password or OTP number sent due to a problem in your account or wallet

- In case of inducing to deposit and withdrawal from a member's account

- In casse of forcing member to create a Btrade account

If user suspect illegal behavior or illegal transactions, there may be restrictions on the use of the service.

- In case of recommend cryptocurrency investment or an approach for a secured loan in cryptocurrency.

- In case of approaching to pursuade to give fee after deposit KRW for signing up to Btrade, or pursuade to buy or withdraw cryptocurrencies, then pay a commission after deposit KRW. Btrade shall not be used for the purpose of using illegal funds, such as gambling funds, money laundering, and any legal and financial liability arising out of it shall be attributed to the customer.

If a victim, such as voice phishing, has been abused and condoned for crimes and abused, the violation of the Electronic Financial Transaction Act and the Criminal Act can be punished.

*In case of you have financial damage caused by phishing websites and voice phishing,

- National Police Agency Cyber Security Agency :,(Without area code) 182

- KISA Internet Infringement Response Center터 :, (Without area code) 118

- The Financial Supervisory Service's voice phishing guard:

- Police Civil Service Portal :

Precautions for investment in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is not a fiat currency. Cryptocurrency is traded around the world 24 hours 365 days. Since there is no price limit, the market can change dramatically depending on changes in the investment environment at home and abroad. You are responsible for the investment in cryptocurrency and the resulting gains and losses will be attributed to you.

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